Crisis Management

Crisis Management is an integral part in any event planning strategy. Whilst we can plan and prepare for a whole host of eventualities, you can never rule out an issue arising. That’s why it is critical to remove any element of complacency and prepare the necessary procedures in the event of a crisis situation.

Event Security Management are specialists in this field, building it into all of our event security plans whether it’s for a one-off music concert or a month-long national festival of sport and live entertainment. We take great care to identify the event audience, understanding the various types of people attending the occasion (such as attendees, on-site suppliers etc) and assigning an audience “owner” to each group. This ensures there are dedicated points of contact in order to provide an effective response to the way the crisis is handled.

Crisis Management - Event Security
Crisis Management Plans

We’ll also liaise with the client on the appropriate communication channels through which we’ll communicate with all stakeholders. Ultimately quick, clear instruction is vital at times of crisis. This will be built into an in-depth communications plan formalised in collaboration with our customer, ensuring both parties expectations are aligned.

From here, crisis scenarios are generally envisaged such as, for example, terror attacks or power outages. The key messages to be communicated to all stakeholders are formally agreed involving information on the situation, the actions required and the way to contact each audience owner. This is all with the aim of providing the audience with sufficient detail, reducing the chance of a lack of information causing any unnecessary panic or confusion.

Our highly-trained, qualified professionals are on-hand to help our customers prepare for all eventualities. Although all precautions and attention to detail will always be taken to avoid such circumstances, it pays to have a plan in place to mitigate any issues should the worst occur.

Every member of our team is licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and work in accordance with their standards.