Event Safety Management

Safety goes hand-in-hand with security, therefore ensuring the safety of all attendees at an event is an integral part of our service. As with the security services, we retain a focus on safety throughout the whole event from concept through to delivery.

During the early planning stages and event build, we’ll undertake all the necessary risk assessments and analysis of safety documentation to ensure full due diligence has been taken.

By doing this, it allows us to identify any vulnerabilities in the event’s approach to health and safety and subsequently rectify this. The practical risk assessments also form evidence that all risks have been taken into consideration and subsequently minimised.

Special Olympics World Games
Event Safety Management Uniform

We value collaborating with our customers, providing full transparency across the entire process. For us, this means we can meet their requirements in a sensible, cost-effective manner, ensuring all safety systems are in place.

Typically, we’ll develop formalised event health and safety procedures that are intrinsically linked with our security plans, forming a seamless comprehensive strategy. Our team of experts are on-hand to ensure that everything is compliant in line with legislation, enabling the event to meet the licencing conditions to go ahead.

They’ll also check everything is structurally sound and that all areas of play are signed off in accordance to rules and regulations.

Of course, our work doesn’t stop here. We’ll be ever present throughout the occasion, ensuring the relevant controls are implemented and maintained, making adjustments where necessary. Furthermore, we’ll always debrief our customer following the event, discussing any situations that occurred and ensuring both parties are happy with how things proceeded.

In the unlikely event that an accident or incident did occur, our team of industry experts would carry out an in-depth investigation, driving to the root cause of the problem. They’d also make records should any claims potentially arise.

Whilst beforehand, all efforts will have been made to the highest possible standards to mitigate any potential issues, we’ll never be complacent in our approach to event safety.

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We’ve provided security for major global events including:
  • FIFA Club World Cup 2018
  • Diriyah Festival Season
  • Jeddah Festival Season
  • The Saudi Cup 2020
  • The Special Olympics World Games

Every member of our team is licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and work in accordance with their standards.

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The Saudi Cup 2020

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