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Event Security Management are specialists in the provision of world-class event security, having built a team with over 160 years of combined expertise in the industry. Individuals within our organisation have served some of the biggest events around the world, ranging from the London 2012 Olympic Games and the 2003 UEFA Champions League Final to concerts for major global names such as The Rolling Stones.

Whether it’s in the United Kingdom or the Middle-East, our dedicated team of security specialists can give you the assurance you need to run a safe, secure and ultimately successful event. We’re only too aware that planning major events such as a festival or sporting competition can be quite daunting – especially if the eyes of the world are upon you. That is why we’re on-hand to provide our customers with a thorough, detailed and consultative service.

Concert Event Security Management
Festival Event Security Management

Planning & Budgeting

From the very beginning, our specialists can cast their expert eye over the current venue designs and documentation, performing an in-depth analysis and providing advice on operational areas. Whether that’s health and safety, security, traffic and car parking, event safety or crowd management, you can rest assured they’ll all be taken into account.

Through working in close partnership with our clients, we can deliver world-class security solutions. That is why we provide our client with full budgetary transparency, providing them with an open book as to what costs have been incurred and where.

It is this honest approach, combined with our high-quality network across the sector, that has seen us manage recruitment for major international events such as the Special Olympics World Games and the Saudi Cup.

We take high standards and service levels extremely seriously, therefore undergo thorough due diligence when selecting local or regional suppliers that meet industry best practice. We also share our knowledge with contracted suppliers through the provision of world-class training and mentoring.

As well as this, you can expect to see our team produce detailed security plans, policies and procedures, liaising closely where necessary with officials, venues, hotels, airports, transport hubs and authorities. We pay great attention to every detail.

Sports Event Security Management
Spice Girls Event Security Management

The Event

Throughout the event, the team will be onsite overseeing the successful deployment of security operations. While you can prepare thoroughly for a huge range of scenarios, it’s critical to remain on stand-by to react to any potential threat. Event Security Management staff are ready to provide a rapid response service if required, dealing with any potential issues quickly and effectively.

Having provided security for VIPs including royalty, we know the importance of thorough preparation. We have a history of working closely with the security detail of VIPs to implement strict security protocols before and throughout the event to ensure the site remains uncompromised. We maintain this ahead of their arrival, during their stay and upon their departure.

As with any major event, whether it is lasting for a day, a weekend or an entire month, we’re regularly analysing the performance of our security measures. Where necessary – and in agreement with the client – we’ll make amendments to ensure the very best level of service.

We provide our client with full budgetary transparency, providing them with an open book as to what costs have been incurred and where.

Etihad Stadium Event Security Management


For us, our service doesn’t stop the minute the last customers leave the site. We believe that no matter how good our level of performance is – even if it’s to the world-class standards we set ourselves – there’s always something that can be improved. Therefore we always carry out in-depth analysis of the event, providing our clients with a detailed debrief addressing issues that may have occurred. That way, we can ensure they’re planned for with appropriate solutions in future.

Event Security Management has provided security for major global events including:
  • FIFA Club World Cup 2018
  • Diriyah Festival Season
  • Jeddah Festival Season
  • The Saudi Cup 2020
  • The Special Olympics World Games
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Jeddah Festival Season

Jeddah Season was one of eleven seasons held in 2019 designed to position Saudi Arabia as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

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Every member of the Event Security Management team is licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and work in accordance with their standards.