VIP Close Protection

We’re proud to have some of the world’s leading VIP close protection specialists within our ranks, having worked with individuals from A-list celebrities to wealthy corporate figures.

Our VIP close protection officers can operate either discreetly or as a visible deterrent, ensuring security requirements are met in a professional, effective manner. Whether it’s in the United Kingdom or the Middle-East, we’re accomplished at providing a close security detail in all environments and conditions.

Event Security Management’s VIP close protection division serves a range of customers according to their individual needs, whether that be for one-off or regular duties.

VIP Close Protection Event Security Management
VIP Close Protection

All of our officers hold Security Industry Authority (SIA) licences, meaning they’re qualified and authorised to provide a wide range of protective services. Furthermore, many of our staff are ex-British Armed Forces, with expertise in multiple areas including close protection, surveillance, firearms, vehicle manoeuvres and defensive driving.

Our team are constantly assessing the level of risk and reviewing the necessary measures to mitigate any threats to either yourself or your VIP. They will take into account the nature of the VIP’s work, the level of risk at the location and our in-country capability. Having done this, they’ll then provide the best security recommendations to keep you safe.

We provide a whole range of services, ranging from meeting the client at the aircraft door to full counter-surveillance activities. Technical sweeps to detect bugs and cameras can be performed, along with sending ahead a security detail to test the proposed route and provide reconnaissance of the desired location.

Our qualified, world-class close protection specialists will provide you with peace of mind throughout the time you work with us. We’ll ensure your security needs are met comprehensively and professionally.

We’ve provided VIP close protection services to:

  • A-List Celebrities
  • Corporate/Wealthy Individuals
  • Royalty